Flawless Skin Max Anti Aging Brightening Soap


Lightens dark spots & marks
Evens complexion
Brightens dull complexion
Contains triple strenght perfecting ingredients
100% Natural.

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Flawless Skin Max Anti Aging Brightening Soap is a rich, gentle foaming dark spot corrector. Full body cleanser that removes dull surface impurities, boost the body immune system to fight against acne and dark spots. It brightens dull complexion, reduces wrinkles, reverses signs of aging, lightens dark spot/marks and evens out uneven ski tones. Triple strength and 100% all natural FDA APPROVED pigment-perfecting ingredients Glutathione, Pure Kojic Acid and Papaya will revitalize your skin and lighten pigment at the same time. Safe enough to use everyday, works great for reducing the appearance of freckles. Transform your skin into the luminous Flawless balanced perfection you’ve always wanted without causing harm to your skin.


Glutathione, Kojic Acid, Papaya, Vitamin E
10 OZ


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