Salon Pro Weft Sealer



Salon Pro 30 Sec Easy Track Weft Sealer – Clear 1 oz

  • Seals Wefts/Tracks to Help Eliminate Shedding Helps Extend the Life of Wefts/Tracks.
  • Salon Pro 30 Sec Easy Track Weft Sealer is designed to quickly seal wefts or tracks of hair in order to help prevent and eliminate shedding
  • Very economical: Weft Sealer’s NO shedding benefit guarantees longevity of usage of purchased hair.
  • Provides a high level of freedom: Weft Sealer users do NOT have to worry about shedding or loss of hair under the situations such as rain, swimming, and daily workouts and other physical activities.
  • Easy to use with Tube type.


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