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Rhada beauty dead sea mud mask

New! Rhada beauty dead sea mud mask  

Rhada beauty dead sea mud mask


  • removes dead skin cells,dirt and toxins
  • it stimulates circulation
  • refines skin texture,clarity and tone
  • helps clear acne and reduces pores


Product Description

An excellent exfoliant and natural detoxifier made from the natural mud of the Dead Sea. Enriched with the 100% natural minerals of the Earth, this mud removes dead skin cells,improves circulation,helps clear acne,can reduce the size of pores, remove excess oils, and exfoliates skin to unveil the beautiful, radiant tissues hiding underneath.*
What it does:
With a thick, creamy texture that glides and gently adheres to the face, this mud mask brings a pleasurable cooling sensation when first applied. As the mud slowly hardens, the natural silica and raw minerals found in the mud can gently draw out toxins that lie deep beneath each tissue layer.
Our 100% natural formula penetrates the skin to not only to remove unwanted impurities in the skin, but to clear out stubborn dirt, oils, and dead skin that may clog the pores, causing irritating skin conditions and acne. Essentially, this mud mask helps to rejuvenate the skin to a healthier and refreshed appearance. It can help scathe off dead skin cells and stimulate skin cell regeneration, thus unveiling new skin that brings the face a new and natural, radiant glow.
Great for application on the face and throughout the entire body, it can help refine the skin’s texture, tone, and clarity for all types of skin. As a relaxing, therapeutic mask, it can help to stimulate blood microcirculation, alleviate stress, and to naturally relieve sore muscles and joints.*

Safe for ALL skin types!

This mud mask may increase:

Pore cleanliness
Texture, tone, & clarity of the skin
Skin tissue strength
Skin cell regeneration
Removal of dead skin cells
Skin elasticity
Blood circulation
Replenishment of vitamins & minerals to the skin

This mud mask may decrease:

Enlarged pores
Muscle, joint, & tendon soreness
Excess oils & impurities
Toxins in the skin

* Individual results may vary.

What it does NOT contain:
Synthetic Fragrances
Synthetic Dyes


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