Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque


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The mask dries up in 15 minutes or so and I can feel it drying up on the skin. It is easy to remove with water but using a sponge to remove it takes half the time. My skin feels a lot softer and silkier. The smoothness is something that I noticed in the very first go. It made my skin very firm and tight and it looked toned. It tightens up the skin which means it is not suitable for dry skin at all. I get a little stretchy feeling initially but that goes away. It did take out all the impurities and my skin looked fresh and clean. The oil did not come back for the next 4-5 hours which is good. It works like any other clay mask but it is a must have in my opinion. It does not have any long-term effect, but my skin looks a lot healthier, brighter and fresher immediately.


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