Mizani Rose H2O Conditioning Hairdress


  • Gives hair its radiance back
  • Gives you the look you want in your hair while you’re on the go
  • Light, creamy formula
  • 8 oz (226.8g) container


Restore your hair’s beauty and softness with MIZANI Rose H2O Conditioning Hairdress.It allows you to easily care for and moisturize your locks from root to tip in just minutes. Made with a high-quality formula that includes botanical extracts, it’s good for both the hair and scalp. It relieves dryness instantly while adding a soft, silky sheen.

The MIZANI conditioning hairdressing relieves tight, itchy scalp yet it’s so light it doesn’t leave buildup. It also helps prevent split ends and damage caused by styling. This creamy hair and scalp moisturizer is ideal for all lengths.



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