Makari 24k Gold Soap


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MAKARI gold consists of powerful formulations that help with the effectiveness of lightening, renewing epidermal cells, scars, and stretch marks. Why gold? Boosts flow to the area being treated restores the elasticity of the tissues slows down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elating to prevent sagging skin speeds cellular processes and activates regeneration of skin cells strengthening and healing, as well as rejuvenating has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties why omega? Contains fatty acid that are highly concentrated emollients and natural olus oil its high concentration of natural oils and moisturizers sinks into skin so healing can take place prevents dry skin problems from happening again and again why probiotics? Probiotics means in favor of life. Slows down the aging process works to protect the skin environment by protecting the lost bacteria makes skin balanced, calmer and more resistant to aging healthy bacteria in the gut improve overall health. MAKARI 24k gold lightening soap infused with omega 3 and probiotics MAKARI 24 k gold soap is effective for dead skin cells and rejuvenation leaving the skin smooth.


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