Kotex Night Time Sanitary Pads


  • Protects against leak

  • Stays put
  • Feels soft to touch
  • Cottony cover
  • super comfy


Kotex Night Time Pads has everything covered. Extra-cushioned with a quilted cover for optimum comfort. Kotex Maxi Night-Time provide uncompromised protection and sumptuous softness – at night, after childbirth or whenever you need it most. Sweet dreams!

  • Helps protect against leaks – The all way round leakage barrier safeguards your panties.
  • Stays put – Stay in place protection helps keep your liner comfortable and secure.
  • Keeps you comfy – Comfort Flex design moves with your for a comfortable fit.
  • Feels soft to touch – The cottony cover is super soft against your skin.
  • Free of artificial fragrances – No scents or artificial fragrance are used.


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