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Brittny Cosmetic Sponge applies foundation with ease and keeps your hands clean!

The perfect beauty tool for make-up application.

Brittny Cosmetic Sponge delivers complete makeup coverage, 32 sponges in the pack.




Lash Magic is not your ordinary mascara, Lash Magic Blending Mascara simply blends your natural lashes into artificial ones making them undetectable. Lash Magic does not add length or thickness to your lashes so your lashes will remain clump-free. The Lash Magic formula is water soluble and can be easily removed without ruining a perfect pair of lashes.

Mary Kay eye smudger brush

Great brush to apply accent and definition colors and line lower lashes and create a smokey look

Mary Kay brow definer PENCIL

Groomed brows give the face a polished look and can make you look younger. Mary Kay® Brow Definer Pencils are perfect for filling in and defining brows

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